How to make your home stand out with twilight photography


How to make your home stand out with twilight photography

by Charlie Sylvanus-Jones

When it comes to marketing a home for sale in this digital era we live in, the photography is of utmost importance. Your photographs can have a significant impact on the sale price you achieve and also your time on the market.

Imagine the photo shoots high end retailers and catalogues use to showcase their products...would they release a catalogue with photos of stained, dirty items or poor lighting? Of course not, and neither should a vendor. A home is a product for sale, just like any other and should be marketed as such. With our homes being our most treasured asset both emotionally and financially, it makes sense to ensure you settle for nothing but the best marketing methods to engage and entice your buyers.

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With autumn approaching and the evenings drawing in, there couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of twilight photography to help showcase your home with eye-catching, scroll/swipe stopping images.

Most homes can benefit from twilight photo shoots. The warm glow of interior lighting, absence of shadows from the sun and the added bonus of a stunning sunset all combine to create a visually appealing image. In fact, with the warmth of internal lighting in contrast to the cool blue of an evening sky, a twilight photo resonates with our primal need for shelter and protection.

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A real estate agency in Sydney, Australia decided to test the difference between daytime professional photography and evening professional photography, and here’s what they found:

“This house was track­ing at about 1,000 views in one week with about 10 call-ins. Then we changed the photo the next week (noth­ing else) to a twi­light shot. Guess what? Where views nor­mally drop off (because it is con­sidered a stale list­ing after 1 week), they picked up by approx­im­ately 50% to 1,500 views and 15 call-ins in a week when inquir­ies tra­di­tion­ally drops off.”

So that’s 50% more people who viewed the property, and 50% more people who contacted the selling agent to find out more about it. 

If your home has been on the market for some time and you are struggling to think of fresh approaches to use, feel free to test this yourself and compare how well a daytime photo shoot compares with the twilight photos. See if you notice a difference. I would think that, on average, you will see a better result when using twilight photography for most homes. Clients that have incorporated my twilight imagery when selling their home have certainly reaped the benefits. 

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P.s Before you go, ask yourself - did these photos catch my eye?

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