Make it love at first sight when a buyer views your home

Home buyers are very decisive - for most of us it only takes a few minutes having walked through the door whether or you can imagine yourself living there. The nature of buyers means that for sellers, the very first time a buyer sees your property, they must do everything possible to leave a positive lasting impression. It takes a staggeringly small amount of time for a buyer to decide whether or not they would like to purchase a property, and it’s therefore vital that both you and your home make a great first impression.

Getting your property in shape for a property viewing needn’t be a difficult task. It’s crucial that even in winter, the front garden is tended to and has been tamed, and that the front door is given a fresh lick of paint.

It doesn’t need to be a difficult job getting your property viewing-ready. There are some simple tips to follow to make sure you’re making the most of every viewing.

  • Make sure the front door has a fresh lick of paint and the garden is well tended - even during the winter.
  • All rooms must be neutral colours - themed rooms are highly personal and can be an instant turn-off for buyers
  • De-personalise - buyers have got to see your property as a potential home. Your choice of art, ordainments, colours, textiles etc can be a great way to express your personality in your home, but can be off putting for buyers and limit the price you could get for your property.
  • Concentrate your efforts on the ground floor - it’s the first thing they’ll see and what they’re most likely to remember. It’s also likely to contain your kitchen, which is a subconscious indicator to a buyer about how much work they’ll need to do.

We’ve written a whole posts curb appeal and preparing for viewings - please take a read.

When viewers come to visit your home, it’s important that the right atmosphere is created. In these colder, winter months your home must be well lit and warm. For example, an open fire can create a cosy and inviting home. For bonus points, providing your viewers with drinks and nibbles will often go down well too. 

TOP TIP - During the winter months, you’re property is empty, get there 20 minutes early and turn the heating up.

Although you may think the pressure is just on what your property looks like, they are also more likely to want to put in an offer or want to view the property again if the person conducting the viewing is polite, informative and not too pushy. So if you are doing the viewing, start building a relationship with the buyer - ask them about how their search is going and what is important to them in a new house. Your knowledge about the local school, church, doctors surgery etc may be very helpful for a buyer to hear! Know one knows the property, neighbours and what it’s like to live there as well as you do - so use this to your advantage. By staying positive a buyer will pick up on it and and feel at ease and leave feeling positive about their experience. 

Make sure your estate agent follows up on every viewing and provides informative, detailed feedback. If you don’t sell your property straight away, you can take the feedback onboard, sort anything that is fixable and make tweaks so every viewing gets that little bit better. 

If you would like more advice for getting the best results when selling your home, please feel free to give one of our property experts a call on 0116 456 0131.