How and when to pack for your move

There have been numerous studies that rank moving home as one of life’s most stressful events. Even being recognised as causing more anxiety than being sacked or even divorce! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. We are very proud as an agency to enable our clients look at moving as a happy and celebrated time of new beginnings by offering support throughout the process – this is done by good communication and management of the overall deal, putting our clients in the driving seat. We always make sure we’re on hand to help - never be afraid to call and ask us for advice: that’s what we’re here for.

It’s easy to assume that the stress is caused by major aspects of moving, such as the legal process – but often it’s actually some of the tasks that appear to be simpler, that are often left late and creep up on you. One of those things is the process of actually getting packed up and ready to move into your new home.


Fitting what seems to be your whole life into the back of a removals van may seem daunting, but if the process starts early on and is broken down into manageable chunks, it’ll seem like a much more natural process rather than a mad rush.

One thing to bear in mind that there is no guarantee on your moving date until your solicitor has formally exchanged contracts. It is then quite common for there to be a week between the exchange of contacts and the moving day – so it doesn’t leave much time between knowing you’re definitely moving, and the actual day.

Therefore, as soon as the offer is accepted, you should begin the process with some small steps that will help a lot further down the line. There will still be a lot of uncertainty because it’s so early on, so start with the things that regardless of what happens, you’ll benefit from anyway. A good example is sorting through things that can either be thrown away, donated to charity or sold. You’ll make life a lot easier when it comes to boxing things up, but you’ll also be de-cluttering at the same time.

Now is a good time to start to collect boxes and as time goes on, judging by how quickly progress is being made, you should start to pack your non-essentials – things you’re not using on a daily basis.

It is also a good time to compile a document box with all the important paperwork relating to your old house and the new, including electricity and water bills and contact details for your new utility suppliers. We have a free moving guide to help you make sure you notify everyone you need to – download it here.


Once you’ve exchanged contracts, you can start to pack your essentials. If you have a week between the exchange of contracts and your moving day, start by assigning a room or two for each day. You’ll soon make progress by working through it methodically.

TOP TIP - Make sure you mark your boxes with the room the contents are destined for in your new home. This will make it a lot quicker and easier to unpack!

As you’re getting to the final stages of packing, make sure you keep aside a box of anything you’ll need immediately – the Kettle, a few pots and pans, clean clothes and a wash bag for example. After a long day shifting boxes, the last thing you’ll want to do is search through them again to fine a few things you need in the evening. Asking kids to do a similar thing is a great way to keep them entertained – ask them to put together a box of their favourite 3/4 toys so it’s easy for you to dig out once you arrive at your new home.


Your estate agents can be invaluable when it comes to removing the stress. Some people buy a new home maybe once or twice in their lifetime, but your agents deal with house moves on a daily basis. They’ll be guiding you through everything step by step, but if there is anything you are unsure about, make the most of their expertise and ask – we’re here to help.