5 signs that you’ve found the right home

Whether you’re searching for your first home, or your firth, the market can seem quite daunting. It involves trawling through hundreds of pages online and booking lots of viewings, most of which will be for properties that won’t meet your exact needs so the ones that are closest doing so will ultimately requires some compromise. But when you think you have found one that is right for you, how can you be 100% sure you’re making the right decision?

You’re able to overlook imperfections
We all know every property has imperfections. However, if you’re looking at imperfections as opportunities then you may like the property more than you think. Think about properties that you’ve seen that you can see obvious imperfections but you aren’t looking at them assessing the potential - it’s probably because you didn’t like the property as a whole to begin with. 

You’re convincing yourself to buy it
If you’ve visited a property and have since found yourself convincing yourself it’s the one, this is usually a very positive sign. You may even find yourself ‘selling’ it to friends and family whilst discussing your search. Comparing it to other properties that you may liked but doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor, you probably won’t find yourself doing the same thing. 

You’re comparing other properties to it
I there is one property that has set the benchmark for what you like, and you keep coming back to it and comparing other properties to it - you may want to think about putting in an offer! This often a very clear sign that it ticks most of the boxes. 

Don’t want to leave? 
It’s not uncommon to walk through the door of a property you are viewing and want to leave right away. An instant feeling that it isn’t the right one and it doesn’t fit your requirements - something we’ve all experienced and it’s a feeling we’ll all be aware of. However, consciously be aware of the complete opposite to that feeling. Does the property have a nice feel? Do you find yourself wanting to stay and move in straight away? This is perhaps the clearest sign of all. 

You can imagine yourself living their
If you’re walking around a property deciding where your furniture would go, how you would decorate it or imaging yourself and your family enjoying the space in a way that you haven’t done so with other properties and you’re excited by the prospect of living there, you’ve probably found the right home.