Hortons can act as your buying agent too


In the UK, estate agents tend to only represent clients selling property; it’s an agents number one goal to achieve the best possible selling price for their client.

We believe as estate agents, it’s our job to provide the maximum return possible, and for most people that involves selling at the highest price, and buying at the lowest possible price. The purchase price is often overlooked and gains made in the selling process can be wiped out by paying too much on another purchase.

This is why we provide a buyer representation service. You can instruct us as ‘buying agent’ to carry out your negotiations and help manage the whole sales process until completion date. We negotiate on property deals every single day and we know what works. We go head-to-head with other agents and ensure that we are able to a) secure the property and b) secure it for the lowest possible price.

We’re also here to act as a sounding board. We’ll carry out valuation research on properties you are interested in and help you spot the best deals. As an unemotionally connected party, we’ll tell you when to walk away too. If you are struggling to find what you want to buy, we can also help source properties ‘off market’.

You don’t need to be an existing client with us, the only restriction is that you can’t instruct us as your buying agent, if you are trying to buy one of the properties we are marketing.


Case Studies

Mr and Mrs Stone: sale and purchase

Mr and Mrs Stone had lived in Humberstone, Leicester for 17 years and they contacted us to represent them with the sale of their property. They wanted to make a move up to Yorkshire to live closer to family. We sold their property for 2.5% above the marketing price. We then negotiated 14% discount on the property they wanted to purchase - saving them a massive £55,000. The combination of the two transactions has meant they are now 16.5% better off, which in this situation is worth around £63,000.

Mr and Mrs Armson: sale and purchase

Mr and Mrs Armson contacted us to represent the sale of their property in Scraptoft, Leicester as they wanted to move for more space. We sold their property for 6.3% above the marketing price, and we also negotiated a 2% discount on their purchase - the combined 8.3% has meant they are approximately £25,500 better off.

Property Developer: Nottingham

We had spotted a unique opportunity for a property development in Nottinghamshire, which we were sourcing for a small development firm. The property was in extremely high demand, so the main challenge was to secure it without paying too much. Despite the huge amount of competition, we were able to secure the property - unlocking a £400,000 profit margin for our client.


First time buyer?

We offer a unique service specifically for first time buyers, which is designed to help you get on the property ladder. Buying a home for the first time can seem daunting; you’ll have lots of agents and mortgage brokers touting for your business, all trying to give you advice.

We offer a complimentary service, to help navigate the process. We’ll help find and secure your new home, negotiating on your behalf to get the best possible price. We’ll also ensure you get the very best mortgage advice and legal support. We’ll be there at every step of the way to answer questions and guide you until the day you move in, ensuring your first purchase goes smoothly.